Final Review


  1. In 1992, the ________________ file format was developed as part of a video compression standard.
  2. In the music industry, ____________ is the practice whereby record promoters pay deejays or radio programmers to play particular songs.
    1. Audiotaping
    2. Payola
    3. Bribing
    4. Selective censoring
  3. (T/F) Radio programs powerfully reflected shifts in American culture.
  4. Nickelodeons are a type of movie theatre whose name combines the admission price (____________cents) with the Greek word for “__________________.”
    1. 10 / film
    2. 5 / film
    3. 10 / theatre
    4. 5 / theatre
  5. ________________ is the promotion and sale of a product throughout the various subsidiaries of a media conglomerate.
  6. (T/F) The most influential children’s show in TV history is Sesame Street.
  7. ________________ refers to the contrast between the “information haves” and the “information have-nots.”
  8. Through what channels does a PR group convey their message?
    1. Press releases
    2. Video news releases
    3. Both of the above
    4. Neither of the above
  9. (T/F) People who are less emotionally stable will use social media less frequently.

10. Which of the following is not a social media metric?

  1. Social relations
  2. Social actions
  3. Traffic
  4. Demographics


  1. MP3
  2. Payola (b)
  3. True
  4. 5 / theatre (d)
  5. Synergy
  6. True
  7. Digital Divide
  8. Both of the above (c)
  9. False

10. Social relations (d)


Marketing and Documentaries: social media at it’s best

Well I know that one thing I’m trying to figure out now, is how to use social media and digital content to promote my photography.  I know that a lot of people have been successful with several forms of social media – from blogs to facebook – but I’m trying to figure out where I stand in all of that.  For one thing, keeping up with social media marketing takes a significant amount of time, time that being a college student involved in as many things as I am, I don’t have.  Also, I’m just now putting my foot in the door so I’m still trying to figure out all of the different avenues, how to use them, and then how to be advanced enough to where it is having an impact.  Here are two infographics I’ve found about media as pertains to marketing: The New Marketing Trifecta and Everybody’s Doing It.  The latter shows how people are using it, how they plan on using it in the future, time spent, popular platforms, etc.  I think social media is becoming the thing that sets people apart.  Even if you were a well established before social media really took off, I would imagine you would have to get involved in order to keep things going.  I think the digital divide can be hard for individuals who didn’t grow up around computers and are now trying to promote their business.  I have many of craiglist ads and job posting of employers and small business owners looking for help with social media and digital promotion/marketing.  So there is definitely an advantage by those who are well versed in the digital happenings.

I agree with the slideshow, in that many individuals have little or no access, and that public institutions aren’t always helpful in providing access.  Homeless individuals for example are often unable to use a local library for access to the internet, because they do not have a permanent address, which is required in some states/ares for a library card.  That being said however, some organizations do seek to lessen the gap by empowering the homeless through social for example.  Mark Hovath, creates videos featuring some of the homeless population in North America telling about their lives and struggles, to create awareness and get the word out.  And it’s said that a documentary may be in the works.  The organization also posts information and tutorials about how to set up and create various social media accounts – from gmail to wordpress – and voice the often silenced words of some of the individuals who have stories about social media.  I had no idea this organization, or one like it even existed, but it does, it by empowering homeless individuals through social media, they are lessening the gap of the digital divide.  Organizations like this are inspiring, as are documentary filmmakers like Mark Hovath.  It also reminds me of how I’d love to get involved with documentary photography and filmmaking – because we need awareness and to make change, and the two go hand in hand.

From Rabbit Ears to Wonka Bars

Oh how times have changed.  I remember back in my youth when TV’s had large antennas.  Back when if the TV wasn’t working it you’d adjust the “rabbit ears” on top, or sometimes, if you were my grandpa, take a shoe to the side of the box.  And if that didn’t work, you were just out of luck.  Back when my grandparents didn’t have cable, PBS kids was a staple, and Saturday morning cartoons were worth waking up early for.  But that was then.  This is now. TVs are wide in length but thin in depth, you can buy universal remotes, and you would never under any circumstances hit it with a shoe.  Things have changed.  And they continue to change at an alarming rate.  According to a Cisco Blog, entitled “The Future of Television,” by Scott Puopolo lists 5 predictions.  Sensory television stood out most to me.  It basically means we’ll be able to smell and taste and sense what’s happening in the show – from cooking to car accidents.  I actually don’t know why you’d want to sense the impact of driver in a car crash…but I also don’t know why you’d want to experience drowning in the Titanic in 3D.  But that’s just me.  The cooking I could maybe get with.  But I grew up in the age of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so while the idea seems relatively “cool,” I can’t get past Mike Teevee being shrunk.  And I have the weird feeling that a chocolate bar wouldn’t taste right, which is actually dis-proven in the movie, but still.  The concept is so foreign to me, I don’t know what to think.

I just feel like we’re moving so fast.  Too fast.  And don’t get me wrong technology is great!  And I love my iphone and my ability to link so many aspects of my life in one little 3D rectangle.  But I miss some of the things of old.  I miss memorizing phone numbers because we didn’t have “contacts” – I think it actually may have helped me with numbers and math in my head.  I miss the the movements of rotary phones and the curly cords around my fingers.  I miss letters – handwritten, sealed and stamped, snail mail letters.  I miss the original All That.  And the Oregon Trail – typhoid fever and all.  I think really what I miss are the 90s.  A middle ground of technology – not too much, but not to low.  Those were the days.  But the key word is “were” because most of those days are gone – left behind in the dust of technology.  It’s bitter sweet.

Final Project Plan


So I’ve decided to go with the photostory idea.  I’ll be documenting city life versus county life.  More specifically I’ll be zoning in on some of the poorest neighborhoods in St. Louis City, and some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in a suburb, Ladue (in the wealthier rings of St. Louis County).  In several of my public classes, plus a few other classes here at SLU we’ve talked about and visited the disparities between the city and the county.  And on a spring break urban plunge I did this year and last, called City Lights (through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship), we did the same –  entering into some of those neighborhoods that others may consider “off limits” or “too dangerous” and the differences are astounding.  I mean, I knew they were, but idk it’s just completely unfair and I don’t even have words to describe.  Anyway the point is my heart breaks for me city, and I know the disparities, some I experience first hand.

In class, we’ve talked about and looked at photostories and how they’ve impacted society and often times brought social change.  Which is my goal here.  I don’t know how realistic it is to actually expect change or even expect people to see my work, but that would be my idea.  And I’ll probably post it on my website and then to Facebook or something and so (hopefully) lot’s of people will see it, and be made aware, or reminded.  So there will be the use of media in that respect as well.


March 25th-April 7th: Research and scouting. Looking up deets and places of note, also possibly trying to find the same type of places in both areas – ex: strip malls, houses, etc

April 7th – April 21st: getting out there, camera in hand (Ladue first, then St. Louis City)  I’ll be shooting mostly, if not only, during the day, for lighting (unless I find a great shot that’d be better at night) and safety reasons, and I’ll possibly go on some of these excursions with a friend (I’ve admittedly been in some parts of the city alone, and that’s actually not the safest place for a girl like me to be).  It’ll be fine if I’m out in Ladue at night, I still probably won’t because of lighting, unless I find something good, but I mean that just highlights yet another difference between the two areas.

April 26th-April 28th: Editing.  Mostly going through each set and flagging the good ones.  And then going through again, and again, and again, until I have a good select group.  Then doing any touching up (dust, exposure, levels, possibly adjusting to some black & white, depending on what “look” I want to end up going with, and things like that. Nothing major – I want to stay as real and documentative as possible)

April 29th: Reflection paper.  Writing the paper, and just reflecting on the final photostory and how I got there.  Also incorporating any noteworthy research or experiences, thoughts and “findings” (relatively speaking) and how that all ties in to media & society by way of photojournalism.

Final Project Ideas…

(1) Photostory. I love photojournalism, and social justice, so it’d be awesome to combine them – and maybe throw a little public health in there while I’m at it.  But I would want to cover and show awareness of a particular injustice, with hopes (admittedly high hopes) that it would be a catalyst for social change, or at least conversations.  I was thinking perhaps urban development in the city (versus the more wealthy surrounding suburbs) and how adults and children alike are set up to fail – in terms of education, health, and housing (all or possibly focusing in on just one)
(2) Video. I think it would be interesting to interview people of various demographics and see their take on media, technology, and society.  I would interview people asking them about their experience with and thoughts on a particular element from class – books/print, ebooks, newspapers & magazines, advertising, etc. (again I might focus on one of those things)

Soundtrack of my Life!

Songs that describe my life right now – where I am, what’s happening, how I feel, and any and everything else. Naturally I came across far too many songs, so I had to narrow it down quite a bit.

(1) . I’m a part of August Gate Church, “a church that seeks to love God, love people, and restore the city.”  So this song describes our belief that God reigns supreme over the city and he is in the process of restoring this beautiful and broken place we call home.

(2) Awaken (Let the Whole World Sing) – Dan & Lauren Smith. In addition to mission with August Gate, I spent my spring break documenting week 2 of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s City Lights Urban Project.  There is so much that needs to be done here in St. Louis.  We need to wake up to the God who calls our name and respond with praise as he transforms our lives and the lives of those around us.  And in that transformation we have to answer the call to be on mission for the Kingdom of God.

(3) Beauty in the Broken – Dan & Lauren Smith. I actually really love this whole album (“the revive project”) by Dan &  Lauren.  This song just reminds me of my love for the city and those in it.  Like it said, it’s broken, we’re broken, I’m broken.  But it makes my heart smile to know that God reaches down into the brokenness, even the brokenness of my own heart, and can bring out something beautiful.

(4) Gonna See Your Kingdom – MIKESCHAIR. Sometimes life sucks – a reality of living in a broken world.  Bad things happen.  I’ve been dealing with chronic stomach pain for over a year now.  Thankfully it has gotten better lately, but I still experience ups and downs.  I long for the day when Jesus’ love and Kingdom come down and all pain and suffering is no more.

(5) The Reason I Sing – Jimmy Needham. It reminds me that it’s not me and my fame or honor or prestige.  It reminds me that it’s about Jesus, and everything I do should be for his glory.

(6) Won’t Let me Go – Addison Road. Again, sometimes life sucks.  And everything falls apart and I break down and just cry.  But songs like this remind me that no matter how far away I feel from Jesus and his love, he actually never let’s me go.

(7) Free – Dara Maclean. I love her whole album really (“you’ve got my attention”).  But this song is one of my favorites.  God sets me free.  A lot of people think Christianity is really confining.  Not true.  I’ve never been freer.  I’ve never been more alive, more filled with hope, more loved.

(8) Live Like That – Sidewalk Prophets. This song is real.  “Was I love, when no one else would show up?  Was I Jesus to the least of us?  Was my worship more than just a song? I wanna live like that, and give it all I have.  So that everything I say and do points to you.”  And I really do want to live like that.  I want to shine the light of Christ, show his love, and share his gospel.

So that’s that! Check out the playlist I created on Spotify!